About these letters:

When you think about the “letter,” that solitary unit of meaning, it seems inconsequential. But the letter, in fact, does so much for us.

This newsletter is just one of endless ways the letter works for me. How those letters come together depends on which myriad of interests I decide to pull out of the hat. But often it’s my own personal exercise at creative writing, and having the privilege to articulate with you all these fragments of ideas is something I’m glad you’ll be apart of.

I hope you can subscribe, stick around, and explore these letters with me.

About me:

I’m Darin Buzon, and I work with letters. Letters in typography, letters in software development, and in this case, letters in writing. And in that writing, I’m sure you’ll find letters composed to piece together some ideas I’ve been preoccupied with.

About connection:

If you wanna get connected, have questions, or say just say hi, my email and DMs are always open!

e: hello@darinbuzon.info

t: @_dabuzon